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Hair serum

The main job of hair serum is to nourish the hair to avoid breakage, recover its shine, and make it easier to comb. While the aim of the masque is to moisturize and protect, the serum goes a step further and seeks to inject energy into the follicles to recover the hair’s original appearance. It’s the result of scientific research applied to hair care. It can be applied with your fingers in the weakest areas, such as the ends, or at the root, achieving excellent results and redefining the original appearance of the hair.

Professional quality serum

Vleshel serums have become an indispensable product for professionals who depend on their image, such as presenters and models, since their hair is more frequently exposed to driers, irons, or colouring and it is more difficult for it to have a shiny, natural look. Hair serum is a normal element in beauty salons all over the world, as part of treatments for nourishing hair.

Capillary serum without rinsing

It can be applied to dry hair, if we are trying to shape the natural look of the hair protecting the most vulnerable areas, or with wet hair, to guarantee greater absorption. In any case, it doesn’t need to be rinsed out.

The Vleshel Barcelona line of serums suits all kinds of needs. Liquid keratin and repairing serum are focused on nourishing and reinforcing shine naturally. We find products especially indicated for fighting against hair loss, or more complete ones, such as the 12 in 1 Final Touch Elixir, which prepares hair for any hairdressing treatment.

All of Vleshel’s serums have passed the most stringent tests of effectiveness possible and guarantee a perfect balance between beauty and health, on any type of hair. To get better results, we recommend applying the serum with your fingertips, spending more time on the most damaged areas or ones that need extra energy.