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001 Collection hair care

The Vleshel 001 collection offers a complete line of treatments for taking care of any type of hair. Among its products, you can find shampoos, conditioning masques, and hair serums to strengthen the roots, nourish the scalp, protect the ends, or avoid frizzing.

A complete line for hair care

The combination of the different treatment elements (shampoo, conditioner, and serum) improves the results and speeds up the process of hair recovery.

Professional Shampoos

Like the skin, the scalp has different particularities depending on each person. For this reason, from Vleshel we have designed a line of shampoos to satisfy each individual’s specific needs, such as preventing hair loss, nourishing the scalp, eliminating excess grease, or preserving colour.


The same way that we apply moisturizer to the skin after a shower, our hair appreciates some extra nutrition after washing it thoroughly. Vleshel conditioners are a fundamental element for hair with chronic problems that periodically require more intensive repair. Although it has also been shown to be useful for preventing the appearance of future hair problems, since the use of masques protects the pH and the root to respond to environmental factors or avoid the appearance of dandruff and grease, as well as genetic problems.

Lotions and serums for your hair

The main job of hair serum is to nourish the hair to avoid breakage, recover its shine, and make it easier to comb. While the aim of the masque is to moisturize and protect, the serum goes a step further and seeks to inject energy into the follicles to recover the hair’s original appearance. It’s the result of scientific research applied to hair care. It can be applied with your fingers in the weakest areas, such as the ends, or at the root, achieving excellent results and redefining the original appearance of the hair.