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Professional Shampoos

Like the skin, the scalp has different particularities depending on each person. For this reason, from Vleshel we have designed a line of shampoos to satisfy each individual’s specific needs, such as preventing hair loss, nourishing the scalp, eliminating excess grease, or preserving colour.

Professional quality hairdressing shampoos

Among the most outstanding products, we find those specifically intended to repair dry or damaged hair, which needs special nutrition. Revitalizing shampoo, with cytokine extract and B vitamins, energizing shampoo, or repairing shampoo with arginine and grape seeds are some examples of the Vleshel Barcelona line of shampoos and conditioners for damaged hair.

We find products exclusively indicated for hair that tends to be greasy, and for itchiness or dandruff. This bothersome condition is increasingly frequent, due to climate changes, stress, and the pollution present in many cities, which keeps hair from growing correctly and dirties it with particles that the hair tries to protect itself from by secreting sebum and other substances.

Dandruff shampoo, enriched with zinc and natural menthol, cleans, purifies, and refreshes the scalp, leaving the hair totally free of grease and protected from new threats for the rest of the day. For more demanding cases, with a great deal of sebum or itchiness, in our laboratory we have developed a shampoo to balance greasy hair, which eliminates secretions for a longer time, while promoting the restoring of hair’s natural balance, thanks to its acidic pH, which interacts with zinc, birch extract, and bio-sulphur.

Thinking of the more adult population, we can find a specific shampoo for grey or white hair in our catalogue. This type of hair requires strict nutrition that protects it from foreign bodies, since it’s so light that it can be burnt or weakened easily, leaving hair yellowish or dull. Our shampoo for grey and white hair is enriched with avocado oil to keep the hair’s natural colour and protect it from foreign bodies.

Vleshel professional shampoos

Vleshel shampoos guarantee a perfect balance between aesthetics and health for any type of hair. From Vleshel Barcelona, we bring you a line of repairing masques and serums that deepen the nourishing treatment of your hair.The days of problems associated with hair are numbered, thanks to the combination of natural elements and Vleshel Barcelona’s focus on research.