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Take care of your hair

Every head of hair has its own story and requires a specific treatment. Dive in and find advice to take the best care of your hair, or design a personalized treatment for your hair’s needs. Let yourself be inspired by Vleshel Barcelona.

Vleshel takes care of your hair

When we spend a few days at a relative’s, it’s normal to stop to remember the good times. Getting out photos and describing places and people who have accompanied us at those times, the happiest days.

A moment for each person

For some people, their happiest moment was childhood, for others, their teenage years, while for others it’s right now, the birth of a first child, or reaching an important professional goal. These are moments that will remain in our memory and the fashion of every moment will be reflected in the hairstyle or the look that appears in our memories.

Our hairstyle marks our life

The appearance of our hair helps to show our personality. During our youth, our hair or bangs help to create an identity, and when we are mature, they define the most attractive features of our appearance and prepare us to face to the world.
Hair reflects our outer appearance directly, and at Vleshel, we invite you to keep your hair healthy over time, so that you continue to remember every moment with a healthy appearance and a good hairstyle.

Reclaim the happiest days

If you are one of those people who feels a little nostalgic when you look at photographs and you would like to recover your hair’s volume or shine, we have good news for you from Vleshel: reinforcing your hair’s health is possible with the combination of shampoo and serum of the nourishing, regenerating treatment, enriched with grape seed oil and arginine. Look no further—get your hair in shape now!

Stand out at any event with a spectacular finish

Social commitments are the order of the day. This type of events often implies making appointments in beauty salons so as not to repeat hairstyles or to show off an elegant upsweep. Hair suffers with this dynamic and particularly in recent times, with the expansion of weddings, baptisms, and communions often taking place before the summer, which damage the ends and the body of the hair right before the hottest months of the year.

Preparing your hair 

It’s important to prepare your hair for a special occasion. Protecting it from pulling, frizzing, or the heat of irons and driers. In general, before an event or a special occasion, a lot of time goes into thinking of your hairstyle, whether or not to add colour or choosing the headgear that looks the best for the occasion.
Although it is also recommendable to think about hairstyles from the point of view of health, evaluating the damage that the hair might suffer, and planning in advance how to take care of it afterwards so that your hair will recover as quickly as possible. Thinking about hairstyles before wearing them is the attitude that is the most respectful of the scalp, foreseeing future treatments.

Steps for a spectacular finish

If you want to have a perfect finish for a special occasion, first you have to plan for protection, then your hairstyle, and finally, your hair’s recovery, so that you will still have healthy, shiny hair afterwards. When it comes to assessing hair care beforehand, it’s important to consider the weather and different aspects that might put your scalp at risk.

Protection beforehand, repair afterwards

Vleshel Barcelona has thought about hairstyles for special occasions, whether you’re leaving from the salon or from home. To get your hair ready for irons, dye, or a dryer, we recommend the use of the 12 in 1 Final Touch Elixir, with almond oil and arginine; applied at night, it will create a protective layer and provide flexibility to the hair, giving it the structure and strength necessary for a spectacular finish.
Once the event is over, Vleshel’s repairing masque with natural polymers and urea is especially indicated for regenerating damaged or dyed hair. The masque must be applied after washing your hair, with the hair still wet, and then left to work. After five minutes, rinse your hair and the results will be visible in the mirror and to the touch.

Don’t resign yourself to losing your hair

Although most men resign themselves to baldness as something they can’t do anything about, there are formulas and treatments for both the prevention and the recovery of the scalp that have been proven effective.

A Social Problem

Westminster University (United Kingdom) did a study on 214 participants who answered questions about acceptance, feelings, and personal relationships, among other things. The results showed that problems like alopecia and other problems related to hair have considerable emotional consequences. With a clear loss of self-esteem and greater signs of anger, worry, and stress that could give rise to depression or anxiety. If you aren’t resigned and you want to change your hair’s tendency, contact a Vleshel advisor for a personalized treatment.

Get rid of itchy scalp and dandruff

If your hair loss comes about spontaneously due to outside factors, it’s not only an aesthetic or social problem, but people with this problem also suffer from itchiness and dandruff. It’s an uncomfortable sign of a scalp that is in an advanced state of deterioration, and which requires an urgent treatment.

Cleaning to prevent the deterioration of the scalp

Vleshel’s preventive shampoo is enriched with zinc pyrithione, which regulates dandruff, refreshes the scalp, and cleans it of toxic agents that might irritate it. There is a widespread opinion that washing your hair daily is bad for it, but Vleshel can tell you that grease or dandruff suffocate it and accumulate sediment on the follicle. Proper daily cleaning is fundamental for healthy hair, and for it to be ready for a hair loss treatment.

Just say stop to hair loss

In the film “American Hustle,” a run-down Christian Bale finds himself looking in the mirror, covering his forehead with the hair from his temples. There are more people sitting in front of their mirrors like that than we think, even where we live. Hair problems, especially those that have to do with hair loss, are hidden from the public, but they are more usual than it might seem.

A very widespread problem 

Some studies say that 30% of all men over the age of 30 suffer this problem, and the figure rises to 40% of those over 40. Even James Cameron, the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, made his hairdresser famous for making the politician’s hair problems invisible to the spotlights. His hairdresser was so indispensable that he came to be named a knight of the British empire.

External and social factors

Hair loss is one of the problems of the millennium and almost all of the studies indicate that it’s due to a change in living conditions and in diet. Stress debilitates the energizing power of the root, responsible for generating the impulse for hair to grow. The lack of iron and B vitamins in the diet debilitates the structure of the hair, as do adverse climate conditions. Lastly, the use of irons and dryers without previous protection can break and loosen hairs that don’t have enough nourishment. It’s definitely a series of circumstances that must be faced jointly with an all-round treatment that slows hair loss.

Hereditary or spontaneous hair loss

The most common type of hair loss is androgenetic alopecia, which is more frequent in men, and as the name suggests, it has a hereditary genetic component. Unfortunately, in general it is difficult to stop its evolution.Nevertheless, there are also other types of hair loss related to the factors that we mentioned above, which arise spontaneously in healthy individuals. This type of hair may respond favourably to a cosmetic treatment if you work on two areas: the nourishing of the scalp and the revitalization of the root, so that it will cause the impulses necessary for the creation of hair. At Vleshel, we have a specific treatment for this case.

Lotion for hair loss

Vleshel’s lotion for the treatment of hair loss is an energizing complex that is specially formulated to act against all of the factors involved in this problem. Its composition includes Serrulata extract, B-complex vitamins, and Zinc PCA, and the combination of these elements, along with a deep cleaning of the scalp, serve to get the natural system that creates hair going again.

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