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A long career in professional hair health

Vleshel is an international company of hair care products made up of professionals with decades of experience in hairstyling and hair treatment.

Over the course of our career, we have worked to be one of the most innovative brands, placing our bets firmly on research and the development of new formulas for the treatment of every type of hair.

Research in hair health

Vleshel products are unique creations that are obtained after years of research on raw materials and concepts or formulas that hadn’t been taken into account until now for the treatment of different particularities of the scalp. In our line of shampoos, we find B vitamins or Serrulata extract, among other elements that are known to nourish and energize hair.

Factors that affect hair

Factors of modern life like stress, food, or the use of dyes with ammonia have made hair one of the most vulnerable elements of physical appearance or beauty. According to a study by the Institute of Integral Dermatology, medical consultations related to hair loss increased by 30% in just the last year. This figure could be due to the fact that more than half of the population has never had a dermatological test, or that they wait too long before seeking out a remedy and starting a treatment. Besides hair loss, there are also other problems associated with modern life, such as greasy hair, itching, or fragile, broken hair. There is a specific treatment in the line of Vleshel products for each of these symptoms. If you need to, you can tell us about your case and we can offer you professional hair advice.

A product for every occasion

We make high-quality products available to our customers, with guaranteed features, including shampoos, serums, and conditioners. Combining different products in the same treatment considerably improves the final result, since they are designed to be applied together.

Our line of products offers a wide range of specific treatments for every situation or problem; cleaning, repair, preventing hair loss, or specific products for professional or runway hairstyling.

Everything necessary to show off lovely hair that is in the healthiest condition.

From Barcelona to all over the world

Barcelona is the city that we work from. A unique surrounding full of diverse profiles with a strong cultural and aesthetic legacy that allows us to keep up with the latest trends. Historical cradle of modernism and business hub for professionals from every corner of the world. An area that allows us to interact with different users and researchers to continue developing new products and treatments for healthy hair.

Birthplace of immortal artists

Some of the most important creators in history have walked down its streets: Picasso, Gaudí, Dalí, Miró… not to mention more recent celebrities, such as Antoni Tapiés or Juan Marsé, among others.

Showcase for innovative architecture

Strolling down the streets and avenues of Barcelona is a pleasure for all of your senses. Resting underneath the balconies of Casa Batlló or walking through the Gothic Quarter looking at the places where writers and artists did their work in the early 19th century inspires an irrepressible need to innovate in any area of life. That’s the spirit that pushes us to keep developing new products. Barcelona is a place that inspires us.

The “Barcelona School” 

Starting in 1900 and during half of the 20th century, the city developed its own style in the world of hairdressing and beauty. A movement known as the “Barcelona School” that took on a life of its own and allowed knowledge and trends to be passed on to the rest of Europe. Cecilio Tarruella and Raffel Pagés were some of the epitomes. Over time, this breeding ground led to the meteoric rise of the sector that culminated in the appearance of Lluis Llongueras, Barcelona’s most international exponent in the industry.

We like Barcelona

From Vleshel, we are reclaiming the role of Barcelona as an urban hub for hairdressing. This city offers a perfect combination of science, technology, and art, the three elements that we consider make up this sector, the pillars that invite us to keep improving our collection of hair treatments day after day.

Science, Technology, and Art

At Vleshel we understand cosmetics as a mixture of science, technology, and art. Science allows us to find out about new properties, technology helps us to develop products that are easy to apply, and art serves to help us explain our involvement with culture, fashion, and new trends outside of the laboratory.

Bringing these three concepts together in the company mission has led us to collaborate with different international artists, who participate in the packaging of our products. Each product has its own design. The attention to details that we want to transmit from Vleshel runs from the inside to the outer surface of our creations.

Exclusive inside and out

From Vleshel we want to show that link to the world of creativity and inspiration, so we have begun a program to collaborate with different visual and multidisciplinary artists, whom we have asked to design the look and feel of our products. We wanted to fill the research process with colour and provide aesthetic value to the hair treatments of the 001 COLLECTION. To make our products a really exclusive work.

Collaborating Artists

Celito MedeirosChristina MichouElisabeth WilliamsJanos HusztiLucie JirkuPaul BondSlavko KrunicValentin PaunMaría BurgazKenneth Hart

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